Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mind if I Vent?

Remember when I said I was grateful for health insurance? I take that back.

Matt's new health insurance—which started May 1—thinks that, since he needed medical care so soon after his premium began, that this was a pre-existing condition. That's very bad, because pre-existing conditions aren't covered under our insurance. They're looking into it, and they shouldn't find find any evidence, because the doctors say Guillain-Barré isn't something caused by pre-existing conditions—it just happens. Plus, he's been completely healthy the entire 9 1/2 years I've known him.

But somehow I still feel a bit stressed out about it.

And ironically, the hospital can't release him until the insurance thing gets sorted out. (Don't ask. It's complicated.) So...who knows how much longer he'll be there.

...btw, Matt thinks the worst is over. He's slightly stronger than he was a few days ago, but he's still uncomfortable and very weak. And a little discouraged about no end in sight for his hospital stay.

End of venting. Read today's other posting for happier stuff.

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