Sunday, July 26, 2009

Your Wish is My Command

Here's a recap of Riley's birthday yesterday (not necessarily in chronological order):

"I be three. I eat cake."
(For the record, she specifically requested a pink cake. Which pretty much melted in our super-hot un-airconditioned condo.)

"I go swimming in the water with my swimsuit." (She actually spent more time biking in the water with her swimsuit.)

"I see Madison and Carson."

"I go to the painting place."

"I eat ice cream." (Not pictured, but occurred at Ben & Jerry's AND the family party.)

"I get chap stick."

"I get bandaids."

"I paint my fingers and my toes." (To somewhat appease Matt, I got a slightly glittery clear polish. Barely noticeable!)
There. Every single wish granted.

Have I set a bad precedent?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovely Day (Twofold)

We just got back from a quick trip to the beach, where we spent the day visiting our friends Sven and Hyuna–and their three adorable boys.

We haven't seen Sven and Hyuna in ages because they live all the way in South Korea, so it was really nice to spend time catching up with them.

The only sad thing is that I was too busy enjoying the day that I forgot to pull out the camera. That is, until we parted ways and stopped for dinner on the drive home, where Matt got this:

A half-pound burger topped with bacon, ham, cheese, grilled onions, AND a fried egg. Yikes.

(Ok fine, it was delicious. Matt was kind enough to let me try it, just before he polished off the last bite.)

What a perfect day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Wish List

Riley's birthday is fast approaching. For the past few months, at any mention of a birthday, Riley would say, "I be three, I eat cake!"

Before long, it evolved: "I be three, I eat cake, I go swimming!"

But the birthday demands are ballooning.

Just yesterday when Matt mentioned her birthday, she said:

"I be three, I eat cake, I go swimming in the water with my swimsuit, I see Madison and Carson, I go to the (ceramics) painting place, I eat ice cream, I get chap stick, I get band aids, I paint my fingers and my toes."

Demanding as she may be, I think her requests are do-able. (Although Matt would disagree on the finger/toenail painting.) But at least she's not requesting a cat/dog/pony/trip to Disneyland?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happiness is...

...a new fridge. One that's eight cubic feet larger. *Sigh.* I'm in heaven.



Any bets on how long it stays organized?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Picking Berries/Battles

Sheri and I went berry picking this evening. Poor grandma's ears deserved a break, so Riley joined us.

She behaved so shockingly well–occupying herself with raspberries, Zelf, and her new shoes–that when, for some unknown reason, she stripped to her skivvies, it just didn't seem worth battling. I prefer berries over battles.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

For the Record

My child does own a bathing suit.

In fact, it was her festive outfit of choice for our July 4 festivities. (Gorging on cherries, listening to tunes at the farmer's market, and hanging out out at Grandma & Grandpa's. But swimming? Not so much.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Swim

Summer in this city is absolutely glorious. And this year, I've resolved to seize the beautiful weather by riding my poor, neglected road bike as much as possible. Lucky for me, Riley loves the bike trailer this year, so we've set out to explore all the parks within biking distance. Yesterday's destination had a watering hole, which made for a great impromptu swim.

Needless to say, between Riley's swim, my bike ride, and all that sunshine, we were one happy family. (Poor Matt just worked all day. But, uh, earning money makes him happy?)