Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovely Day (Twofold)

We just got back from a quick trip to the beach, where we spent the day visiting our friends Sven and Hyuna–and their three adorable boys.

We haven't seen Sven and Hyuna in ages because they live all the way in South Korea, so it was really nice to spend time catching up with them.

The only sad thing is that I was too busy enjoying the day that I forgot to pull out the camera. That is, until we parted ways and stopped for dinner on the drive home, where Matt got this:

A half-pound burger topped with bacon, ham, cheese, grilled onions, AND a fried egg. Yikes.

(Ok fine, it was delicious. Matt was kind enough to let me try it, just before he polished off the last bite.)

What a perfect day.

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Laurie said...

We LOVED seeing you at the coast, but I was so sad that it was such a quick trip and I didn't get any time to really visit with you or play with Riley. We need to plan better! Thank you for making that long drive out, I know it meant so much to Sven & Hyuna.