Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Wish List

Riley's birthday is fast approaching. For the past few months, at any mention of a birthday, Riley would say, "I be three, I eat cake!"

Before long, it evolved: "I be three, I eat cake, I go swimming!"

But the birthday demands are ballooning.

Just yesterday when Matt mentioned her birthday, she said:

"I be three, I eat cake, I go swimming in the water with my swimsuit, I see Madison and Carson, I go to the (ceramics) painting place, I eat ice cream, I get chap stick, I get band aids, I paint my fingers and my toes."

Demanding as she may be, I think her requests are do-able. (Although Matt would disagree on the finger/toenail painting.) But at least she's not requesting a cat/dog/pony/trip to Disneyland?


susannah said...

Haha, Riley is such a hoot! I hope Riley had a happy birthday with her birthday wishlist!

susannah said...

Oops, I meant HAS a happy birthday, this coming weekend!

Cathy said...

We can't wait to celebrate a late birthday with Riley. Shea, Alex and Cody are excited too. Give her a big birthday kiss for us.
Love Grandma and Grandpa R.