Sunday, July 26, 2009

Your Wish is My Command

Here's a recap of Riley's birthday yesterday (not necessarily in chronological order):

"I be three. I eat cake."
(For the record, she specifically requested a pink cake. Which pretty much melted in our super-hot un-airconditioned condo.)

"I go swimming in the water with my swimsuit." (She actually spent more time biking in the water with her swimsuit.)

"I see Madison and Carson."

"I go to the painting place."

"I eat ice cream." (Not pictured, but occurred at Ben & Jerry's AND the family party.)

"I get chap stick."

"I get bandaids."

"I paint my fingers and my toes." (To somewhat appease Matt, I got a slightly glittery clear polish. Barely noticeable!)
There. Every single wish granted.

Have I set a bad precedent?


Laurel Dougall said...

what a great birthday. you do set a high precent though . . . happy belated birthday riley! :) laurel

Marc and Katie said...

So great!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Riley! That looks like a fabulous birthday for her. Can you top it next year?

Kari said...

happy belated birthday riley!

hmerrill said...

Chapstick, band-aids, and nail polish seem to make the list each year. We failed to get her sun glasses this year, and we still haven't heard the end of it (even though she has since been given 2 pairs which have BOTH broken- doesn't encourage me to want to spend my own money on any more!).
Anyhow- Happy 3rd to Riley!