Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a Girl Wants (Everything, Apparently)

Here's a conversation I had yesterday with Riley while we were out running errands:

Riley: I want balloon.

Me: Ok, next time we're at Trader's Joe's.

R: I want smoothie.

M: I'll make you one when we get home.

R: I want walk.

M: I need you to stay in the stroller right now.

R: I want walk. I want walk! Walk mommy! I want walk! I want Een. Eeen! I want Een! I want eyes (sunglasses). I want mommy's eyes. I want rock. I want bike. I want cereal. I want daddy's cereal. I want rock. I want that. I want that rock. I want that. I want daddy. I want nino (pacifier). I want nino! I waaaaaant! I want walk. I want this. I want down. I want snack. I want popcorn. I want toy. Toy? Mommy? I want toy. I want book. Want book. Elmo? I want Elmo. I want Elmo. I waaaant! Waaaaaant that mommy! Waaaaant!"

M: *sigh*

I once thought "no" and "mine" were the worst words in the toddler vocabulary. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday Bike (Belated)

For Riley's birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Richards gave her some cash for a new bike. Matt and I (finally) got her this bad boy:

Riley's favorite part? The basket that holds rocks, sticks, and sippy cups.

My favorite part? It doubles as a stroller. (But shhhhh...don't tell Riley she's not in control.)
Belated thanks to Grandma & Grandpa, from one giddy little birthday girl!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Bolt of Insight

You know that Jamaican dude who broke all those sprinting world records? His dad attributes his speed to a hearty diet of yams.


When I was pregnant with Riley, I had insatiable cravings for, of all things, yams.

Which could explain a thing or two about my own little speed demon...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today's Confessional

Last night, I let Riley wear rain boots to bed.

This morning, I took her on a 4-mile run in a torrential downpour.

For lunch, I let her have a McDonald's double cheeseburger and two cookies.

Just when I was feeling like a slacker mom, a homeless guy waved at Riley, smiled at me, and cheerfully said, "Keep up the good work!"

Thanks Mr. Vagrant. I'll take all the validation I can get.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Cool Saturday

In most places, you visit the beach to catch some rays, right? In our neck of the woods, you go to the beach to escape the blazing sun.

Instead of suffering through another 100-degree day (in our un-air-conditioned condo), we headed to the coast, where it was 30 degrees cooler.

We ate at a local diner, walked along the very windy beach, pigged out on saltwater taffy, chased Riley around a playground...and sufficiently wore ourselves out. All without breaking a sweat.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Why I Love Hot

It's 97 degrees out today, and this girl is totally wiped out.

Dare I admit it's a nice change of pace?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who ARE These Kids?

And have they really been married seven years?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The snack that tells your future.

Riley has figured out that things packaged in foil, plastic, or cellophane are delicious. (Fruit leather, candy, Doritos...)

She was so thrilled to discover a foil-wrapped treat in my nightstand drawer today that she ran around for five full minutes yelling "Snack! Snack! Snack!" before she brought it to me to open.

Imagine her disappointment (and my amusement) when her treat wasn't really a snack after all:

*Please note: This is not an announcement of any sort. (Sorry mom.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ragamuffin Recipe

1. Eat dirt. (While mommy is not looking, for best results.)
2. Next, eat a gooey hot fudge sundae. Smear liberally across face and hair.
3. Finally, stubbornly resist bath time.

VoilĂ :