Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a Girl Wants (Everything, Apparently)

Here's a conversation I had yesterday with Riley while we were out running errands:

Riley: I want balloon.

Me: Ok, next time we're at Trader's Joe's.

R: I want smoothie.

M: I'll make you one when we get home.

R: I want walk.

M: I need you to stay in the stroller right now.

R: I want walk. I want walk! Walk mommy! I want walk! I want Een. Eeen! I want Een! I want eyes (sunglasses). I want mommy's eyes. I want rock. I want bike. I want cereal. I want daddy's cereal. I want rock. I want that. I want that rock. I want that. I want daddy. I want nino (pacifier). I want nino! I waaaaaant! I want walk. I want this. I want down. I want snack. I want popcorn. I want toy. Toy? Mommy? I want toy. I want book. Want book. Elmo? I want Elmo. I want Elmo. I waaaant! Waaaaaant that mommy! Waaaaant!"

M: *sigh*

I once thought "no" and "mine" were the worst words in the toddler vocabulary. I was wrong. Very wrong.


Ashley said...

Oh the joys of childhood! I feel your pain!

Madelyn said...

Oh tell me about it! Toddlers have no idea what they want, except for they want it NOW!