Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ragamuffin Recipe

1. Eat dirt. (While mommy is not looking, for best results.)
2. Next, eat a gooey hot fudge sundae. Smear liberally across face and hair.
3. Finally, stubbornly resist bath time.

VoilĂ : 


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

And you get one great picture!

Christensen's said...

This is a family favorite at our house, too!

Chrissy said...

We spent the weekend up at the Cardall Cabin. That's pretty much how my kids looked the entire weekend! It was gross, but they're all still so cute, eh?

Katherine said...

She is still the cutest kid on the block - dirt and all :)

The Ogre said...

Too cute! Nice to see you guys again! Looks like you are doing well. I am happy. BTW - Ashley started a blog not too long ago for our son Nathan:

Cheers! Have any old friends contributed to this blog as well lately? Stay cool. Glad all is well.