Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Happened in Vegas

Here's the thing: when a bunch of squares party in Vegas, there's no need to edit out details.

So here are the highlights:
  • Stopping in Salt Lake City en route, where Grandma and Grandpa Richards threw Riley a pre-birthday party.
  • Gorging ourselves on really good (seriously!) all-you-can-eat sushi. If Dougalls ever return, the restaurant may change its policy to all-you-can-eat-or-five-rolls-per-person, whichever-comes-first.
  • The family talent show, featuring my brother Rich's tribute to the Dougall Fam. Gems included:
*If, as a child, you thought five-star travel meant you had grass and shade in the same campground, you might be a Dougall.

*If you tend to have an opinion...about everything, you might be a Dougall.

*If you consider sleep a necessary inconvenience, you might be a Dougall. (Note: I'm the black sheep; I like my eight hours.)

*If you've ever been willing to drive 12 miles out of your way to save 36 cents on gas–not 36 cents a gallon, 36 cents total–you might be a Dougall.
  • Playing at Pump it up, one of those kiddie "inflatable party zones" that I *never* imagined patronizing. But when it morphed from playtime for the kids into gladiator-style competitions for the adults...well, that's when the fun really began. We sprained an ankle, pulled a shoulder, and acquired tons of rug burn, but it was totally worth it.
  • Sharing approximately one million desserts at one of those Vegas-style buffets. (My tribute contribution: If, at all-you-can-eat buffets, you tally food consumed vs. money spent, you might be a Dougall.)
  • Meeting Riley's four new baby cousins.
  • Acting like kids (again) at a local water park. Riley and cousin Sawyer happily overindulged on leftover Doritos while Matt and I conquered the water slides. But the very best part? Watching my brother David, who's still recovering from a serious car accident, conquer the water slides. Go David!
  • Celebrating Riley's birthday.
  • Seeing how much Riley adored (and was adored by) every single cousin, from the babies on up to the 16-year-old cool guys.

Verdict: the fun far outweight the dysfunction! When's the next reunion?


liss said...

Wow! You must love your family, not a single comment about the heat. I'd like to add another "Dougallism": "If your whole family looks like they run marathons, you might be a Dougall."

Katherine said...

Bring on the sushi.
I did mention that we have 3-4 sushi restaurants that we patron. We'll just hit a different one next time and they'll never know what's coming :)
Thanks for the great time!

Julianne said...

I have asked myself where Sushi has been all my life, thankfully I am finding some good place here in Houston. But all you can eat sushi - that is like heaven.

Cardalls said...

Looks like fun---we live in Vegas and I am impressed you didn't mention the scorching heat! I'm used to it by now, but most people aren't.