Saturday, July 12, 2008

Impulse Purchase Justification

Riley's second birthday is approaching, so we've been debating whether to get her Legos, a tricycle, or a train set.

We settled on Rock Band for our Wii.

And we let her have it two weeks early.

It's great for the whole fam, ya know: Matts plays guitar, I play drums, and Riley* gets to be the groupie.

Best birthday ever. (At least for Matt and me...)

*I'm sure before long, she'll master the vocals. Except Rock Band doesn't include The Daddy Song.


lyn said...

That makes me laugh - kind of reminds me of husbands buying wives power tools... Enjoy your new toy!!

Andrea said...

Riley easily has the most beautiful and perfect hair that I have ever seen on a two year old. Seriously. Happy Birthday Matt and Kathryn!

Julianne said...

What else would a two year old want anyway?