Thursday, July 3, 2008

Race Recap (Sans Sugarcoating)

So, as I mentioned awhile back, while we were in Utah, I ran a race. The Wasatch Back Relay. It's taken me this long to report on it because:
  • I've been waiting on photos, and
  • I've been working up the enthusiasm to re-live the experience
Me running

Yeah, it was miserable. But also tons of fun.

Here's why.

The fun:
  • I got to see Angela, one of my running pals from Houston
  • I teamed up with Angela and 10 other great runners for the 180-mile relay
  • Even though I spent 20+ hours in the back of a vehicle, it was with 5 very fun teammates
  • I saw lots of scenic stuff--mountains, animals, wide-open spaces, and other stuff this city girl rarely sees
  • I ran 19.1 miles during the 28-hour race
  • I love to run, even when it's miserable
The miserable:
  • I ran 19.1 miles during the 28-hour race
  • 5.1 miles were in the blazing, soul-sucking afternoon heat
  • 8.5 miles were in pitch black, except the light from the moon and a teeny headlamp
  • 5.6 miles were on very tired legs and 3 hours of sleep
  • I only got 3 hours of sleep (I need at least 7 to function properly/pleasantly.)
  • I slept those 3 hours in the backseat of a pickup truck
  • For two days, I subsisted off Clif bars, trail mix, beef jerky, and Gatorade (Ok, ok, that was actually one of the fun parts...)
Despite all my whining, I had a really great time. Especially pre-sleep deprivation. And I even plan to run it again next year with my family.

Unless this recap scares them away...

Me not running (hallelujah!) with my teammate Erin

Part of the team: Brock, Enz, Angela, and me

Angela and me after the race (double hallelujah!)


lyn said...

You rock! My friend Shelah ran this year, too, and said it was the hardest thing she has done. (She's also iron-woman tough runner... qualified for Boston with a 3:27 time...) So, kudos to you - that is not an easy event!!!

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Great job! And great looking quads!

Emma said...

That is great. It must have been fun to see Angela again!

Jennifer said...

You and Angela totally rock. Congratulations on a great race (that is now over).

Chrissy said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Congrats!

Angela said...

You are an amazing runner! It was so fun to see you again. I am still in awe that you are already to commit to running it again! I guess it's like having a baby, your memory gets a little hazy! :)