Tuesday, August 7, 2007

That Update I Promised

Sorry to be MIA. Caring for my dudes has been time (and energy) consuming. But here's an overview.

At his worst about two months ago, Matt couldn't:

  • Sit up unassisted
  • Open jars, tubes, bottles, or just about anything
  • Read well, thanks to double vision
  • Lift his arms or legs
  • Talk without lisping, thanks to a numb face
  • Move from his bed to a wheelchair unassisted
Now Matt can:

  • Walk short distances with forearm crutches (going from our condo to the car half a block away is enough to wipe him out)
  • (Sort of) write
  • Get from the couch to the floor to play with Riley (but getting back up is the hard part)
  • Lift Riley while he's seated
  • Stand unassisted momentarily
In a few months, Matt hopes to be able to:

  • Walk longer distances with his forearm crutches
  • Walk (very) short distances unassisted
  • Type
  • Open a sealed jar
  • Carry things while walking
  • Make his small mobiles
  • Do the dishes (oh wait, that's what *I* hope for...)

Latest news: a nerve-conduction test showed a lot of damage to Matt's nerves' coating and the nerves themselves, so the doctors think his condition may be chronic. (For you medical folks out there, it's called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. Blech.)

Anyhoo, that means the numbness in his extremities may linger indefinitely and he may be susceptible to future flare ups. Steroid treatments should suppress him immune system (to prevent his body from attacking his nervous system again), but long-term side effects from steroids aren't so great. Like Roid Rages. (Kidding. Different steroids, different side effects.) So let's, I dunno, hope the doctors are wrong?


Angela said...

Thanks for the update Kathryn.

Jennifer said...

Hang in there! Our prayers are still with you