Saturday, May 10, 2008

26 Thoughts About 26.2 Miles

  1. Marathons are brutal.
  2. A $5 footlong (Subway) is the perfect pre-race dinner.
  3. An overcast 50 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect running weather.
  4. Miles 1-9 are deceivingly easy.
  5. No matter how great you feel, don't plan your victory speech (or boastful blog entry) at mile 9. A lot change change during the next 17 miles.
  6. Hills (at least 26.2 miles of them) are brutal.
  7. Chocolate Gu: yummy. Berry Gu: yucky.
  8. $95 running shoes are worth every penny. (Note: this from a tightwad.)
  9. $14 running socks are worth every penny. (Shhh...Matt doesn't know about them.)
  10. Mile 16 is challenging.
  11. Mile 17 is humbling.
  12. Mile 18 is demoralizing.
  13. Remembering you've posted "I'm running a marathon this weekend!" on your blog is motivating when you want to quit at mile 16.
  14. Knowing your nice husband (who's watched the kid during long runs every Saturday morning the past four-plus months) is waiting at the end is motivating when you want to quit at mile 17.
  15. The guilt of leaving the kid overnight to run this stupid thing is motivating when you want to quit at mile 18.
  16. Somehow thoughts of quitting dissipate at mile 19.
  17. A two-minute potty break at mile 20 isn't great on your time, but it's great on the body, mind, soul, and bladder.
  18. When the official marathon pacers drop like flies, you know the course is brutal.
  19. Tacoma isn't all that pretty. At least from a demoralized frame of mind.
  20. If you must run a marathon, and if that marathon must be hilly, at least make sure it ends downhill.
  21. Mile 26 is the longest mile ever (even when it's downhill).
  22. Seeing the finish line is the greatest feeling ever.
  23. No, crossing the finish line is the greatest feeling ever.
  24. Scratch that. Beating your best time is the greatest feeling ever.
  25. No more marathons for me. Ever.
  26. Except maybe one more...


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

WOW! Way to go Kathryn!!!

Emma said...

You are amazing! Way to Go. I'm glad your faithful blog readers gave you a little motivation;) I loved that post!

Ashley said...

Great work! I am so impressed! Want to run a half with me in August??? Check out my blog for details! :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! I hope Angela reads this!

Annie said...

Awesome! What was your time? I bet this won't be your last.

-KJ said...

K, I am a total blog stocker...don't be scared! It's Kjersten Bailey, Matt's cousin Kevin's wife. Got that? Anyway, we got blog address at the funeral.

I heard you were running a marathon. Congrats. It is inspiring, except when I realize it requires running.

P.S. We love what Matt does. We have been to the website, and I have been talking them up to some people. Hope we can send some business your way!

Meredith said...

wow! congratulations!

Chrissy said...

Kathryn, if you didn't already get a medal from running in that marathon, you deserve one. Let me know, and I'll mail one to you!

Angela said...

I love your recap. So true, especially the part about, I'm never doing this again, well maybe one more... How about Boston 09?

Are you ready for our race in June???

Julianne said...

Way to go Kathryn! You are so awesome for doing that.