Monday, October 6, 2008

Riley Runs

When Riley turned two, her friend Anna gave her these super-cute shoes:

But when Riley turned two, she also became awfully particular about her clothing. (See proof below.) And despite my encouragement (ok, cajoling), she wouldn't wear them.

Until yesterday. That's when I caught her admiring the runners (and their shoes) in my Runner's World magazine. And I reminded her of her *own* cool running shoes...

She's been running in them–nonstop (sorry downstairs neighbors)–ever since. Many belated thanks, Anna!

Rest of outfit: duck sticker with missing head (on forehead), Halloween necklace, flapper-style purse, and Elmo underpants. Yes, she dressed herself, and no, I don't let her out like that. Very often.


Andrea said...

That. Is. So. Freakin. Cute!

Tober Family said...

Riley is adorable. I love the stories you have to share. She is so smart and funny!!!

Gotta love kids!!

Stacia said...

Except for the purse, she reminds me of a marathon runner. A male one. Except that halloween necklace very strategically makes her quite, uh, modest.

susannah said...

I love the outfit!!!! Riley is so flippin' adorable!