Saturday, November 8, 2008

Six Ways to Celebrate 32

  • Sleep in 'til 9:30.
  • Visit the farmers market. (And eat fresh pate and pepper jelly on french bread while watching good live folk music.)
  • Watch lots of football without getting nagged by the wife.
  • Get haircut. (!)
  • Eat homemade pot stickers for dinner.
  • Share birthday banana bread with the kid (and wife and in-laws).


lyn said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Chrissy said...

Happy B-day, Mr. Richards!

Annie said...

It looks like a 7th way would be to not shave... :) I know that's a big nuisance for Alex! Happy B-day!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Matt. Sounds like a good b-day. A haircut?? Wow. ;)

Kristin and Brandon Park said...

i have to laugh about the football nagging... i let brandon watch a lot of football on his birthday too without nagging him. these guys are too much alike!
glad he had a great birthday.

liss said...

Happy, happy birthday!! So wait your birthdays are one month apart? I totally added ten days to Matt's - ah well. Happy, happy birthday all the same!

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Matt!

Whose idea was the haircut?

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!