Friday, May 8, 2009

The $100 Milestone

At the ripe age of two-and-three-quarters, Riley's milestones are now few are far between. So I guess it's worth mentioning her latest one: first ER visit.

After Riley spent Wednesday and Thursday puking with a 104-degree fever, the pediatrician sent her to the hospital to get rehydrated. Of course by the time she was seen (after three hours of waiting), the fever was gone and the puking had ceased. Still, milestone nonetheless, right?


Breanne said...

Well you sure find a way to put a positive spin on things!

104/puking - would be concerning ...
... I hope she's feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Isn't that always the way? We took G to TX Children's once because her fever was over 105 and we couldn't get it down. $75 got us a double dose of Tylenol and a popsicle. By them time a Dr. saw her, her fever was 102 and she was nice and sugared up.

So glad Riley is feeling better!