Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas, Julie

My sister told me it's unacceptable that I haven't updated my blog in 26 days. So this little update is for her. (And anyone else who agrees with her.)

Here's what happened during December:
  • I turned 32. Happy birthday to me.
  • Matt worked like a dog. The holiday rush always keeps us busy, but this year, Matt added a commission to the mix. He worked very hard, and we didn't see enough of him. (But we know better than to complain about having lots of work.)
  • Zelf's face got mutilated in an unfortunate stroller accident. Adding insult to injury, later that same day, he fell out of my pocket and disappeared while we were Christmas shopping. Sad, sad day in the Richards household. Thankfully, he reappeared the next day with new clothes and a fixed up face, so Riley assumes he briefly returned to the North Pole for reconstructive surgery.
  • I performed a violin duet of Away in a Manger on three different occasions. Which I hope makes up for three solid years of neglect.
  • We spent Christmas in Utah with Matt's family at their cabin in the mountains. We had a great time playing in the snow and not working.
  • Riley got chap stick, band-aids, and a pink re-useable bag from Whole Foods for Christmas. (Along with a few other things.)
  • I gave myself permission to neglect my blog.


Katie said...

glad you're back

Emily said...

Like Julie can talk about 26 days of not updating a blog....she hasn't posted anything since October

Laurel Dougall said...

Merry Christmas Kathryn!!! Glad you had a great holiday, and found zelf! :) Thanks for the fun presents!!! xox laurel :)

Laurel Dougall said...

And happy birthday too!

Nathan &; Rebecca said...

Zelf seems like a magical little guy.

Andrea said...

Neglect away! Of course, I have been checking like mad but it's the holidays! I would have you know that of all the blogs that I STALK - yours is updating the most frequently. 26 days?!??! Phhhhhft! I updated last in July!! HAHAHA! Also, you can thank John for the reconstructive surgery on Zelf! I am pretty sure they cover Elf reconstructive surgery like in the first 4 weeks of Plastic Surgery Residency!! LOL!

susannah said...

PHEW!!! Thanks heavens for the North's Pole's emergency reconstructive surgery! What would you ever do without it ?!