Saturday, July 7, 2007

Recipe for Disaster

1 cup tomato soup
1 serving grilled ham and cheese sandwich
1 full sippy cup, preferably malfunctioning
1 mischievous 11-month-old
1 easily amused audience (1 mommy and 1 daddy, home for the day)

Makes: messiest mealtime ever


Jennifer said...

Cute family. Glad to see that Matt made it home for a little while.

Angela said...

Glad you can smile about the mess... I need to do that more often! Pull out my camera before I put on my mean mommy face and pull out ther rags!

Tara said...

I second's good to laugh and just take pictures sometimes!

Ashley said...

Too cute! Sounds like you guys had fun. I bet it was nice to have Matt home for the day.

Audrey said...

I used to pull out the camera with my first, but I need to be better with them both now. Glad to see Matt Home!