Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kindness x 2

Incident #1. My new running/biking buddy Laura found (and got!) me a bike trailer on Craigslist so Riley can join in our biking fun. I was (and still am) floored by her thoughfulness. And Riley and I were giddy with excitement!

Incident #2. On Friday, I took Riley for a ride. (Without Laura, unfortunately, since she had to work.) Six miles from home, Riley had enough. So we stopped, took a break, and started to turn around...when a wheel fell off the trailer. And the bolt to secure it to the trailer was gone. GONE. Uh...

I pulled to the side of the bike trail, scratched my helmet, and thought through my (very limited) options.

That's when we met Beth, a very kind woman/guardian angel, who saved the day.

  • pushed my bike & trailer to her condo 1/4 mile away while I carried Riley

  • had Riley & me hang out in her condo while she ran to the hardware store to get a new bolt

  • found all the tools I needed to fix the trailer

  • let me use her phone to let Matt know we were still alive

  • sent us safely on our way—with a bag of crackers that kept Riley happy the whole ride home

WOW. How do you say thanks for acts of kindness like that?


Emma said...

Wow. The kindness of strangers is fabulous!

Kim said...

Those things happen to people who deserve it! I'm glad everything ended well.

Angela said...

Wow is right! What a story, and I agree with Kim too... completely!

susannah said...

I'm glad the Lord was watching out for you two!
Any news about getting a second opinion for Matt? Is that still in the works?

Angela said...

I've thought about your friend finding and buying a bike trialer for you. Even though I miss you, I'm so glad that you are making good friends up there!