Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's been a month

...since I posted the meaty update on Matt. Here's his progress on those things we hoped he'd be able to do soon:

Walk longer distances with his forearm crutches: Matt is gaining a lot of endurance. This week we've walked to a few different destinations in our neighborhood, like the park, the barbershop (finally!), a pizza place, and the hardware store (all five or six blocks away). Major milestone. Now Matt won't feel so cooped up.

Walk (very) short distances unassisted: Matt's been getting around the apartment without his crutches. At first he was wobbly, but he's gotten much steadier. Of course, it helps that he's usually within reach of a counter, table, or bedpost, in case he loses his balance.

Type: Still hunting and pecking, but getting faster.

Open a sealed jar: I still do the major jar opening. Ironic, since I've always been the weakling.

Carry things while walking: He can carry stuff around the apartment, now that he gets around without his crutches.

Make his small mobiles: He's made 11 already! (Just a fraction of his back-logged orders.) The first few were difficult and frustrating, but it's getting better. Just a matter of regaining hand strength. And a few calluses...

Do the dishes (oh wait, that's what *I* hope for...): He did them tonight. Yay! I'm a happy wife!


Audra said...

Keep up the good progress Matt! We are cheering for you.

Ashley said...

I am glad to hear that he is making progress! You guys are amazing!

Anonymous said...

You guys really are amazing...We're so glad Matt is doing better!