Monday, October 29, 2007

Cousin Fun

Riley's Las Vegas cousins, Kaitlyn, Cason and Jake, were in town for the weekend. Riley loved crawling around with 10-month old Jake, and she loved chasing around 4-year Cason and 6-year old Kaitlyn even more. Lucky girl's got some awfully fun—and awfully patient—cousins!


Meredith said...

how fun! i am so excited that hannah has cousins to play with now! she loves to chase the bigger kids.

Katherine said...

yea - so cute, even if I am parent to the cousins :) Thanks again for the delicious meal and the great company. Rich and I really enjoyed your home and wish there was a way for us to live somewhere that allowed us to walk everywhere, and yet still allow us to grow all our food -maybe some "urban country"

Angela said...

Lucky! I love cousin time!