Thursday, October 18, 2007


Those mobiles are done! Which means the sweatshop is closed! Which means I owe you all a Richards Family Vacation Update!

...except now I'm too tired. And besides, The Office is on soon...

Will a sneak preview suffice?

Vacation Day One: We visited BYU to check out our old stomping ground. As I snapped shots of Matt and Riley around campus, a co-ed mistook me for a *real* photographer and asked if I'd to take her roommate's engagement pictures. Ah, classic BYU.


Sislers said...

Hi there - I'm Greg's wife, Leslie. I think we only met once, but I just wanted to say HI. I'm so happy that Matt is doing better :) and you have an adorable little girl...what a doll :)

Meredith said...

What beautiful pictures! You know, I haven't even been back to Provo since we moved back... we'll have to do that soon! You are an amazing photographer!