Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can You Say, "Verbosity"?

Before our Christmas trip, Riley's vocabulary pretty much consisted of: daddy, uh-oh, ouch...and an occasionally mommy.

But then she was surrounded by five other little people, four of whom could speak.

Not to be totally upstaged, she suddenly whipped all these new words out of nowhere:

  • night night (with accompanying wave)
  • bye bye (also with a wave)
  • doggy
  • Elmo
  • grandma
  • ashes (as in, "we all fall...")
  • down

Nothing like a little peer pressure to expedite those milestones! (Thanks Shea, Alex, Cody, and Will!)

Thought bubble: "How do I say the name of that annoying red guy whose face is on my stroller?"


Andrea said...

I knew there was nothing to worry about with her vocabulary skills! She's a thinker and deep down inside she is creating some master plan that will blow us all away! Watch it!

Sandy said...

Kathryn, that photo is too precious. Seriously, she's darling and that photo really captures her well.

Hope you guys are doing great. Wish we could have seen you when you were in town!