Monday, December 31, 2007

Catch Up

Where we've been: Salt Lake City

Why we were there: to celebrate Christmas!

Who we were with: the Richards clan—including Riley's five Richards cousins

What we did: rode the Polar Express, went sledding (in the backyard!) opened presents, played Wii, chased around cousins, discovered crayons, visited the SLC children's museum, wreaked havok on grandma's clean house, ate candy...and cleaned up toddler throw up—five days straight!

How we felt: happy! (minus the sick/puke part)

p.s. Happy New Year!


Katherine said...

Your trip sounds like fun (minus the throw up - but that is what happens whenever you take a toddler on a trip).
Was the Polar Express the Heber train ride? My brother took his family on it and it sounded adorable! Did Riley appreciate what it was all about?

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

I hope you're all feeling better