Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Watch What You Say...

Riley's had this comprehension explosion, where she suddenly understands nearly everything—not just the basics like "no" and "come here."

Here are a few of the surprising/amusing things she understands (and actually obeys!):

  • Get me a diaper, please

  • Spit out your pacifier

  • Please throw that away

  • Shimmy those shoulders

  • Where's the remote?

  • We're taking the elevator, not the stairs

...I wanted to post a photo of her shimmying her shoulders, but I haven't had my camera handy. Instead, here's another one of her after ransacking the Christmas tree. She still doesn't obey: "Quit eating all the cookies off the tree."


Chrissy said...

"Shimmy those shoulders"? I'd love to see THAT! What a cute girl.

Meredith said...

this is so funny! i want to see the shoulder shimmy, too! isn't that comprehension explosion amazing? hannah just hit another one of those, too. we can't say anything around her at all!