Sunday, December 2, 2007

Obsession of the Day


Riley ate SEVEN today. (And she actually wanted more...)

The upside:
  • It's not candy/twinkies/french fries
  • She can peel them herself
  • ...and throw away the peels herself! Another great (albeit random) milestone!
The downside:
  • Can you OD on Vitamin C?
  • Sticky furniture
  • Tomorrow's diaper


lyn said...

We love Clementines, too! Thomas is barely learning to peel them himself, and half the time I do it for him - I better get on it!!

Emma said...

We love them too. We have gone through two 5 lb bags in 4 weeks!!!!
that's because I limit them to 1 (or 2) a day. I love that they can peel them all by themselves!

Madelyn said...

So cute! I laughed out loud at the last picture!

Rich said...

What is a clementine? It is the name of a little girl in a book I read to Kaitlyn.

susannah said...

Hm, I think I'll have to try the "peel it yourself" trick as Rebekah loves them too. I only wonder, or seriously believe, that the "peeling" would occur with teeth as opposed to fingers.

Stacia said...

I was inspired by this to try feeding these to Samuel. I never thought he could peel them himself (much less eat them - picky boy), but he's almost worked through a whole box this week. Thank you, Kathryn (and Riley too).