Monday, December 17, 2007

Kathryn the Scrooge

Because I'm so miserly.
I took Riley to the mall to see Santa, but I just couldn't pony up $9.95 for a legitimate photo.
So this iPhone version my brother Geoff (sneakily) snapped will have to suffice.
Bah Humbug! Er, Merry Christmas!


Laura said...

Well, I believe I remember that Riley wasn't horribly excited about being there, so maybe it's better to have a guerilla photo after all.

PS. Trader Joe's dark chocolate-covered mint things are the best! (I'm just carb loading for the run... With sugar...)

PPS. I am going to bed soon. Hopefully...

Emma said...

Cute picture! I wouldn't pay for the picture either!

Meredith said...

lol! they never smile for the pictures you pay for anyway! :) our old mall used to let you snap two photos if you didn't buy one of theirs.

when are you guys heading here? we're staying in utah for christmas. we should get together!!!

Chrissy said...

Yeesh. I wouldn't have paid for it, either! But I'm cheap like that.

Ashley said...

I don't blame you! Thats why I am thankful for the Santa that was at our Primary Christmas party -free pictures!