Monday, March 17, 2008

Pinch Proof

...right down to the green choking hazard and the green balloon, which, I've recently been told, is also a choking hazard. Happy St. Paddy's Day from one delinquent mommy!


Meredith said...

Kathryn, everything is a choking hazard to kids! :) Hannah never put anything in her mouth as a baby. Ainsley puts EVERYTHING in her mouth! It just depends on the kid. She certainly is a cute little girl, all dressed in green!

Kristin and Brandon Park said...

hey Kathryn, this is Kristin, Brandon's fiance. First off, I am glad Birgid shared your blog address with me. your little girl is adorable. second of all, bp and i are way sad we dont get to come to portland, but hope you will come visit us in omaha sometime! (come on, its a GREAT tourist spot... just 5 hours from Nauvoo!)