Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa, Please Bring Me Sanity

The snow has been fun, but it isn't going away anytime soon. And here are the realities:
  • Our car is buried and the roads are treacherous, so, obviously, no driving
  • My child's naps (my primary source of sanity) have been spotty at best
  • My gym is open, but its daycare (my secondary source of sanity) is closed
  • My (and Riley's) friends (another important source of sanity) within walking distance have left town for Christmas
  • The real clincher: my stroller can't really get through the 12-inch snowdrifts, limiting us to Riley's walking-in-the-freezing-snow threshold–approximately four blocks
Result: The Perfect Storm has created the Perfect Mommy's-About-to-Go-Crazy Storm



Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

I heard they've canceled all sorts of flights into and out of PDX. This storm is crazy! Good luck. I was stuck home all day yesterday and I completely reorganized our office. How is that for Holiday fun???

Emma said...

Hang in there. I haven't gone anywhere for 3 days. I'm getting antsy! We did go for a walk yesterday - but we don't have snow clothes, and jeans get wet quickly when the boys are jumping in the snow. I hope I can get out today while we have a break in the snow.

liss said...

Dear Santa,

Please bring my friend Kathryn oodles of sanity.


p.s. I've been really good this year!

Tober Family said...

The pros and cons to snow!!

A Good Husband said...

I heart moms with toddlers.

Here's to hoping that Lissie and I can make it back to Portland. We're driving a U-Haul through Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

We miss you two. Stay sane and have a Merry Christmas.

hmerrill said...

I'm impressed that Riley can make it 4 blocks. Maybe if you keep at it, she'll be up to 5 before long.