Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fresh Food (and French Fries)

The farmer's market is officially open for the season. Yay! Next to Christmas, it's our happiest day of the year.

We cheerfully spent the morning with like-minded food fanatics indulging in (reusable) grocery bags full of healthy, locally grown food–beets, cabbage, apples, onions, radishes, pepper jelly, and free-range pork.

And then, on our way home, we lunched at McDonald's.

We're not hypocritical. Just multifaceted. Right? right?


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

I miss it

Emily said...

I love that Zelf is wrapped up tightly with the blanket but not Riley. She really takes care of her stuffed toys :)

Tober Family said...

Now that is the way to do it. I miss Farmer's Market.