Sunday, March 8, 2009

Only 292 days to go...

We're well into March.

And my child:
  • Carries a toy elf everywhere
  • Regularly requests we sing The Baby Jesus Song (Silent Night)
  • Responds enthusiastically, "Santa bringed me this!" in reference to her Christmas toys, chapstick, bandaids, or anything else that was in her stocking
  • Requests to watch Elf (the movie) on a daily basis
  • Sang herself Jingle Bells to bed tonight
In hindsight, I'd say Christmas 2008 was a raging success.


Emma said...

My kids still sing jingle bells too!

Riley's said...

I can see why she wants to watch Elf. That is an AMAZING movie... we love it. LOL

Kari said...

Elf is a really good movie. She's too cute!