Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Shopping Buddy

Riley and I popped into Anthropolgie today to check out the sale rack. After I tried on a shirt, Riley exclaimed, "Mommy, you look really cute in that!"

I was flattered. But I left empty handed.

I mean, can you trust the judgement of a pajama-wearing two-year old?


miss liss said...

maybe not . . . so I'll volunteer to judge in Riley's place. ;)

WeaselMomma said...

Glad you had better judgment than the 2 yr old. That however is sweet and absolutely hysterical.

Annie said...

Could've been worse... at least she didn't say, "Da-da has a shirt like that!" (I didn't buy that one for sure.)

Brandon said...

be glad you have someone to go shopping with. i'd take her opinion over none!

anthropologie is my favorite store!

Kari said...

not really sure why i am signed in as brandon! that last comment is from kari. can you imagine if brandon had really made that comment?