Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Wedding Day

My sister got married last Saturday. The festivities didn't begin until that afternoon, so Matt, Riley & I spent the morning visiting a historic farm nearby. We fed the geese, introduced Zelf to the goats, checked out the pigs...and convinced Riley that the duck bite she received was actually a kiss. (She didn't fall for it.)

At the farm, we saw a couple from afar getting wedding photos taken. Lo and behold, it was Julie and her soon-to-be husband. I spent the rest of the day coveting her wedding dress.

The wedding itself was really lovely–except the part afterward when Riley refused to cooperate for the all-nieces photo. Notice someone missing? (Even the babies cooperated, for pete's sake!)

We also seized the opportunity to get a photo of the Dougall siblings (minus the overseas brother).

The wedding reception was later that evening, and we loved every minute of it, thanks to great company, the most delicious wedding cake ever, and Matt's parents, who babysat Riley!

Congrats, Scott & Julie!


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

wish i could have been there. just a little too soon after the birth. everyone looks great!

Kari said...

I LOVE the wedding dress!!! man, i think i'd be willing to divorce brandon so i could get married again in a dress like that! don't worry, i would consider remarrying brandon :)