Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Having two sets of involved grandparents is confusing, isn't it?

So instead of asking "Which Grandma?" Riley has just created new names for them: Mommy's Mom and Daddy's Mom.

And the Grandpas? They're Daddy's Dad and Mommy's Dad.

Zero points for creativity. 101 points for accuracy.

We were lucky enough to have Daddy's Mom visit over the weekend!


Kristin and Brandon Park said...

glad to see ZELF is still alive and well!

Cathy said...

I had a great time and really do miss Riley's great personality. Love you all lots. Cathy

Christensen's said...

Try having 4 Grandma Christensen's! How's that for confusing!!!

chrissy said...

that's pretty impressive, my kids still get confused. i guess we also have a few step-grandma/grandpas too, but they can't keep them straight. and nicki, i never thought of that. your poor confused kids! ha ha

hmerrill said...

Sounds like a little Sarahlyn influence. Isn't that what they've taught their kids?