Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet the Teacher (but try not to scare her)

Preschool starts next week, which we're all really thrilled about. And Riley and I got a little sneak peek today with a pre-preschool picnic.

While I attempted to meet her teachers and other parents, Riley spent the entire picnic racing around the lawn, somersaulting down a nearby hill, attacking the tortilla chip dish, and dancing her heart out (wearing her bright pink puffy tutu, of course).

Her teacher watched with amusement (or was it terror?) and said, "She certainly looks comfortable here. I can tell she's really...creative."

(Please tell me "creative" isn't some kind of euphemism.)


Katie said...

please tell me you have a picture of that

A Good Husband said...

What's the teacher going to do? Tell you Riley can't come to class? Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

hmerrill said...

Remember when that psychology student told Mom we were "assertive" and Mom let us know that was a polite way of saying we were rude and bossy?

Enjoy those calm hours of Riley in preschool. It will feel like a dream!