Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Riley: Daddy, I want to get a girl kitty.
Matt: We can't Riley. Cats make me sneeze too much.
Riley: We could get a boy kitty.
Matt: Boy cats make me sneeze, too.
Riley: Then you could live at work.

The next day, Riley said when she grows up, she wants to marry daddy. She's so hot and cold.


Kari said...

you do such a great job with your blog! can i hire you to write for mine? ;) thanks for the laughs (to you and riley).

pieface said...

Ah ha!! TOOO funny!! I love it when Anna asks me "So, is dada going to visit our house today?" Nothing cuts deeper in the heart of a dad than that.

In other news: Anna's marrying Tate, and her cousins Tanner and Avery and already has the flowers all picked out. Very organized.