Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doting Aunt

Awhile back, my nephew Tanner requested I mention him on my blog. I'm sure he assumes I've forgotten (as he well knows I tend to do).

When I was 18, Tanner was 4, and I spent a lot of time babysitting him, taking him to Chuck E. Cheese's, and dealing with his precocious ways.

Now he's 18. And as precocious as ever. But he just received his Eagle scout, is about to graduate high school, and is headed to college shortly thereafter. Can you tell I'm proud?

Meanwhile, I'm dealing with my own precocious almost-4-year-old. And it brings me great relief to know precocious children everywhere can turn out as well as Tanner.


Katie said...

We all loved little "Nanner"

Katherine said...

Very nice!
I just told Tanner last week to get me a eagle scout photo to be posted on my "prestigious" blog - didn't know he was on your prestigious blog and in such demand!