Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eccentric Artist

Riley's preschool is holding a summer art camp, and look who the poster child is:

I love her intensity (sleeves rolled up, even), her stance, and of course that the paint colors match her coat.


The Marleys said...

Don't know if you remember us, but we were in the West Hills Ward and are friends with the Hansen's. I found your blog from facebook. How fun that Rylie is on this poster! She is such a cutie. Congrats on the new one on the way!

Hey, just word to the might want to block out all the info on that poster (just so weirdos don't know what pre-school Rylie goes to). :)

Katherine said...

She has art in her blood!
I love that it's such a great photo - considering you say she doesn't like her photo taken. I guess now you know that if you want her to allow her photo taken, you give her paint and turn her back to you :)