Tuesday, November 13, 2007

She's Mature for Her Age

Here's a conversation I had with a nice checkout lady at Fred Meyer last month:

CL: What a cute little girl. How old is she? 18 months?
me: Thanks, she's 14 months.
CL: Close. I was only off by two months.
me: (calculating 18 minus 14) Uh, yeah, close...

Here's a conversation I had with the same nice checkout lady a few weeks ago:

CL: Your daughter is so cute. How old is she?
me: 15 months.
CL: Oh, I would've guessed two!
me: Yeah, her hair makes her look older...

The other day, same checkout lady:

CL: Oh, she's so cute. What is she, 2 1/2?
me: Uh...no... (debating between: 1. Half that lady! 2. Haven't we had this conversation before? 3. Are you for real?)


Katherine said...

That is funny - especially that it's the same lady each time and she has no clue!
I was at TJ's today and I had a fellow customer tell me that Jake's (exposed) feet must be very cold. I just said "yea they are" and moved on. Complete strangers say the strangest things when babies are involved.

Emma said...

So funny!

lyn said...

She does sound nice....missing a couple cards in her deck, but nice!

Chrissy said...

What a nut that lady is! Good luck with her next time ;)

But I think you're right, about her lookin older because of her hair. How many haircuts has she had so far? Isn't it, like, four??? I could barely fit a teeny tiny barette in Ashlyn's hair when she was 15 months! I'm so jealous!

Kathryn said...

FIVE haircuts! Not that I'm keeping track... :)

Rich said...

I am totally laughing about that. Next time tell the lady you don't even know who Riley is. Tell her you just found her outside alone waiting for the bus or something. That will really catch the lady off guard.

Meredith said...

lol! that is so funny! i do love her hair! i wish hannah's hair were that thick!

Breanne said...

Or you could say that she is actually 5 years old next time and that it is a sensitive subject. Maybe then she won't ask again.
Ok, I'm sorry, I had to comment on that, the story was just too funny!
Fun to hear from you Kathryn!
Yes we will definitely send some pictures soon. Paul (my husband has been working on a 3D/4D(?) program for his work and chose to do Taya's nursery in the program. He is almost finished and it is pretty cool, so I'll have to send that along too.
Your daughter is so cute and funny! We are jealous that you have Wii - they look so fun!
Anyhow, hope you're doing well!

Andrea said...

It's conversations like this that renew my faith in society...