Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Technical Difficulties

So our phone is on the fritz, big time. Going on 48 hours now.

So Matt's spent a lot of time lately yelling at/into the telephone. We even borrowed our (very kind) friend Ben's cell phone so we could yell at Vonage and Comcast. Of course, neither took responsibility or managed to come close to fixing the problem...

But Riley has learned something from the whole ordeal. Today, she grabbed the phone* (one of her favorite toys), put it to her ear, and yelled some ornery jibberish at/into it. Maybe Vonage would've listened to her!?

*I would've snapped a picture, but the camera's on the fritz too. Argh! Are we jinxed?

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Meredith said...

oh no!!! we had voip with comcast in florida. we only had problems once and it turned out that our phone got fried from the modem. have you tried using a cheap-o non-cordless phone that hasn't been plugged into your house at all? we had to buy all new phones... sorry to hear about the camera, too! and talking to phone companies and utility companies is how hannah learned how to "spell" our last name. If you ask her what her name is, it's Hannah Cardall L L. When we were setting up our last utilities, I spent hours on the phone spelling our last name and she picked up on the L L part. Kids are so smart!