Monday, February 18, 2008

Guess Who's Baby Hungry?

No, it's not me.
Lately, whenever Riley sees a baby, stroller, carseat, or bjorn, she points and yells out, "bay-beeee!"

Then yesterday at church, she approached a baby-faced bald man, patted his cheeks, smiled, and said affectionately, "bay-beeee."

Riley, you of all people should know that babies and baldness are not synonymous.

Riley as a five-week-old bay-bee


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

and i thought lucy had a lot of hair!!!

Ashley said...

I can't believe all that hair! WOW!

Madelyn said...

Yes that is one of Elliott's new words too! He loves when we sing the Wheels on the Bus and gets so excited about the Bay-bee verse he often tries to rush me to get to that one faster! "The mommas on the bus..." "No, Baby!"

Chrissy said...

Oh wow! Five weeks? Seriously? She's got more hair than my (almost) nine month old!

I hope that guy got a kick out of her!

Meredith said...

oh my goodness! i want her hair for my kids! she is so cute!

Jennifer said...

You know, Gwendolyn started asking when she was going to have a baby sister and two months later, we were pregnant. Sometimes they just *know*.