Monday, February 4, 2008

The Weigh-In

My five-year-old had her 18-month checkup today.

She's now 32 1/2 inches tall (75-90 percentile) and 22 pounds (25 percentile).

And she's completely healthy and completely normal.

...except the nurse who pinned her down for her four(!) shots kept saying, "Wow, she's strong. Strongest kid all day. Stronger than a three year old. She is so strong."

So, yeah. Apparently our string bean is freakishly strong.


Katherine said...

I like the "freakishly" addition :) Good laugh.
Jake was just seen last month for his one month and he was in the exact same percentage for height and weight. They are both tall and thin! We'll have to have them arm wrestle at the reunion to see who is strongest.

Emma said...

Four shots, ouch! Glad she is healthy!

Meredith said...

that is so funny! is she really only 18 months old? okay, i really thought she was 2. hmmmm... i need to pay attention more. i got a good laugh at the freakishly strong comment, too! my kids are like that, too. i'd love to have half the strength and energy of hannah! i feel bad for little riley, poor litte kiddo! 4 shots? That calls for lots of Tylenol & ice cream or other comfort food and snuggling! Enjoy your snuggle day!

lyn said...

Tall and skinny - isn't that what we "dream" about? Must be good genes going on!!

Jennifer said...

I *cannot* believe Riley is 18 months old! Wow. Such a cutie!