Sunday, January 4, 2009

The $6 Saga

You know those stories you hear on the news about idiot thieves who leave behind ID or forget to take the loot they're stealing?

Here's one for ya:

Some idiot thief broke into our storage unit in our condo's basement. The first dumb thing? Uh, breaking into a storage unit filled with baby clothes and empty boxes.

But the truly idiotic thing? The thief overlooked our one valuable thing in there–Matt's $800 wheelchair–and stole my laundry money instead: half a roll of quarters.

So if you see someone with suspiciously clean clothes, please notify the authorities.


Laurel Dougall said...

I'm so sorry that happened though Kathryn. It's no good to be broken into! :( laurel

Emma said...

that's pretty funny. sorry your quarters are gone.

Cardalls said...

We had a UPS package stolen off our porch over the holidays...bummer for the theif he stole my print cartridges instead of the Nintendo DS that came the following day.