Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a Girl Wants, the Sequel

Riley was oddly enthusiastic yesterday when I told her we had to stop by the bank. Since when's the bank so exciting?

At the bank, Riley behaved perfectly. And when my transaction was done, the teller leaned over, smiled at Riley, and cheerfully greeted her, "Hi! How are you?"

Riley looked at her, totally straight-faced, and replied, "I want candy."

The very kind (and good humored) teller gave Riley* a Starburst, stickers, AND temporary tattoos.

Watch out Trader Joe's–WaMu's a close second in Riley Appeal.

*But only after I prompted Riley to say "please."


Katherine said...

You can't complain when the corporate giveaways make the kids cooperate through the errands.
It's funny that Riley knows which errands end in a "prize"

Tober Family said...

Honesty! Let's stop with the how are you and hand over the candy, lady. That is awesome!

Kari said...

riley is so funny! i hope collin is as funny when he starts talking more.