Thursday, January 1, 2009

Words of a Sick Girl

For a sick girl, Riley sure made us chuckle. Here are a few sick-Riley-isms:
  • After puking all over our (brand new) bed sheets, Riley exclaimed, "Oh no, I spilled!"
  • After that, I taught her to use a barf bucket. Occasionally, for fun, she'd request her Elmo bucket instead.
  • Yesterday as Matt left for work, he asked if he could bring her back a special treat to help her feel better. Her response? "Yes, money."
I am happy to report that Riley's fever is gone, she's stopped puking, and she's started eating, running, jumping, climbing, yelling, and wreaking havoc again.


Laurel Dougall said...

I am SO sorry you had to deal with that, Kathryn! It sucks when kids have stomach bugs! So glad she's better now!

Katherine said...

I'm glad that she is feeling better.
I LOVED the comments - asking for money is brilliant! And to think my kids only ask for popsicles...

Tober Family said...

Good to hear! That poor girl.