Wednesday, February 4, 2009

---------------------LOST ELF---------------------

Missing Toy Alert:
Zelf the Elf

Last seen:
Wednesday evening in NW Portland. He went MIA at some point on our outing to Subway and Goodwill. We retraced our steps, to no avail.

Red suit and red hat

Approx. 1 foot tall, very skinny

Notable features:
Elfish smirk, no feet

Riley was upset, but she's coping better. (She thinks he's visiting Santa.) Matt, however, is still quite distraught.

To quote him verbatim: "I mean, he's an important part of our lives, and he's out there on the street somewhere!"


susannah said...

oh, I'm loving this post, and the newer one involving Zelf as well. What a crack-up! I had no idea she was all about Zelf the Elf. Poor girl, losing him. It's a darn good thing you were able to "find" him. (seriously, how did you find an elf in February? Did you have another one stored away in your Christmas boxes?) Also, I love the name.

jaezj said...

Oh my heaven I just spit a mouthful of thin mints everywhere! Matt's quote is soooo funny. Jason makes fun of me for buying multiples of the kids "luvies", but I can't be held responsible when they dissapear! So glad you got a new one!