Thursday, February 19, 2009

Self Medication

Bad news: Yesterday Riley slammed her poor little fingers in a heavy drawer. Much wailing ensued.

Good news: No lasting injuries.

Better news: Riley knew exactly how to cheer herself up:
1. She gathered the following items:2. She let me smother her with hugs.

3. Through her tears, she said, "Want to read book to make me happy."

Best news: She hasn't yet acquired her mommy's coping tactics: "Want ice cream/cookie/cupcake to make me happy."

Please note: this photo was not taken at the scene of the finger smashing. (Mommy hopes not to reinforce those coping mechanisms.)


Breanne said...

That's really funny that she knew just what she wanted to make it all better!

Kari said...

nothing wrong with drowning your sorrows in a little ice cream!