Saturday, January 13, 2007

Little Dude

"Dude" is the preferred term of endearment in our household. So when Riley entered our family, she became "Little Dude." (Other nicknames include Riley Roo, Smiley Riley, Riley McSmiley, and Smiles.) Naturally, we were excited enough to see the Little Dude Storage Facility along Houston's scenic Interstate 45 that we had to capture it for posterity's sake.

Other Richards family news:

Matt is headed to Phoenix this week to install a mobile for a marketing company. He's looking forward to hanging out with Charlton and Brandon while he's there.

I started training for a triathlon that I plan to do in March. Matt was gracious enough to watch Riley (aka Little Dude) this morning while I biked 12 miles and ran 2 . Ouch!

We let Riley try REAL food yesterday. I mashed up a boiled sweet potato and let her try a few bites. She's a curious thing, so she was quite intrigued! We're looking forward to exposing her to more new flavors.

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