Sunday, January 21, 2007

Marathon, Mobiles, Mashed-up Food, and More

Our week started early when, last Sunday, we watched the elite Houston marathoners zoom through our neighborhood. Riley was so fascinated—her head followed as each runner went by. She probably wondered why mommy doesn't run that fast...

This week, Bloomingdale's contacted Matt, because they want some mobiles for the spring display in their SoHo store. He provided them a few sketches, which they're very happy with. If all goes well, maybe we'll plan a trip to New York in a few months to see the display!

Riley continues to enjoy her sweet potatoes. Although I think the majority of what I feed her (just a tablespoon or so) ends up in her hair, on her clothes, all over the floor... Bathtime has gone from an every-other-day affair to an absolute must each day!

Matt returns from Phoenix tonight, and Riley and I will both be happy to see him. We've got a busy week ahead—including Riley's six-month birthday. (And those six-month shots, too. Wish us luck with that!)

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