Monday, January 29, 2007

2007 Non-Resolutions

This year I decided to forgo New Year's resolutions. I figured the last thing I needed these days was something else to add stress to my life . (Besides, I always forget my resolutions by mid-February...) Instead I made a short to-do list of very inconsequential things I'd like to accomplish in 2007:
  • complete a triathlon
  • run another half-marathon
  • travel to Europe again
  • learn to make a souffle
  • make homemade Vietnamese spring rolls
This week, we finally checked an item off the list. Below are pictures of our homemade spring rolls. Not perfect, but not bad for beginners. They're rice noodles, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, shrimp, and cilantro wrapped with rice paper. Then we dipped them into homemade peanut sauce. Yum!

Meanwhile, Riley dined on sweet potatoes and mashed avocado.

She must be a budding foodie, judging from her interest in food...and her affinity for what's become her new favorite toy:

She loves gnawing on the rubber handle, which makes a funny squeaking noise against her gums. Another new favorite is the Valentine's Day beanie baby from Grandma Richards.

Right now, we're busy getting ready for our trip to Portland. I'll spend tomorrow working, doing LOTS of laundry, and packing. And Matt is working like mad to get three mobiles finished and shipped to Bloomingdale's before we leave. He's gotten several other potential project leads this week. Could be a busy spring!

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